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Greater_Gator  54 M
The last time the pier was torn up was Donna in 69
dixie-gal  51
I seen it Gator. I actually cried. I spent summers there as a kid.
dixie-gal  51
this is gonna put alot of places out of business. smh.
Greater_Gator  54 M
Ft Myers time Square is gone too Icey
Harsh_Stylez  42 M
Joe_Dirte  47 M
Ooh I think I hear someone tinkering on The piano in the lobby
dixie-gal  51
the place is gone. I've been to the restaurants and bar there.
Zz420zz  56
dixie-gal  51
yes zz...
Hukdy_go_work  62
now yor daughter is Invited
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