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Maori_Dimpz  104 F
But like runz said.. He needs to fix his attitude.. 🤷‍♀️
hukdy_power3  M
But hold on u all ...remember now huk a godfather with his own famil
Lmao. Yup. Can't type for the tears falling
fredrv4  40 M
Bob yeah I can see you still look like yeti
hukdy_power3  M
That's right he ran to change names
Maori_Dimpz  104 F
Poor thing hadnt got over jeans rejection n BOOM hit with another 😹😹
Bender come here fat boy 🤭
StEli-1  98 M
Retard hour
Shadowhunters23  37 M
Kurt Angle you suck chants
Chitown typewriter
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