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Good morning goosey
HuntingtonnGeo  53 M
Gun confiscate will be bloodshed
Oudit  46 M
MenPets begs Oudit for a heaven prison not hell prison
Portagoosey  39
Morning Geo
magentafirebird  50 F
( * )( * ) ts/tv
gawd3d  46 M
All I’m concerned with is protecting my child like any parent should allway
Swiftyx9  47 M
Every groups tried to fight them they dead or fed prison
HuntingtonnGeo  53 M
Gd morning goosey
gawd3d  46 M
No they can’t take them ya think they knocked on doors to collect bump stoc
Portagoosey  39
I got my second café and I'm catching my breathe
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