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Alias-Kreed  101 M
Welcome to Friends C-U lol
C-U-NextThursday  98 F
Brrrrttt 2day ban! For posting phn bne. Blugh! 😩💤
or no more swift moments
Dracula_1069  100 M
Placed on a toilet tank .hold the rest of the heavy load lol
IceyQueenB  50
same here luc...
Portagoosey  39
Advent tomorrow already.
Clap-skimocallBo  32 M
that day i got a ticket for being parked at the 7eleven... fact
Kim Kim Kim listen. trim that bush down there please
justmebeingmee  36 F
I’m sorry punks lol but that was funny af. I remember now
Dracula_1069  100 M
Just imagine the Lil as that forms under the big as of a fat woman
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