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DEFLEP5469  99 M
You are obsessed with men ffs 🤣
Makerlaugh  30
I'm calling his boss... lmao
Imma sit over here zay on one of his 12 hr rants 😭😭 Gm
TURN AROUND It's By your foot
Makerlaugh  30
I told him he has until Monday to give me jedds info otherwise
DEFLEP5469  99 M
NM don't pay attention to me. Keep hitting on your dude 🙄
A cop on airg
Eric-Swift  47 M
He wishes he can chat again lolol he cant monitor sid
Makerlaugh  30
John please we all know you're not a real
DEFLEP5469  99 M
Yellow light 🤣😂🤣 here we go
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