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Dracula_1669  100 M
3-5 to tell me tho I'll be fine by then I guess
Lucian  45 M
Ueh, ya plum trees become fake and suddenly ya pic isnt you
Dracula_1669  100 M
Yeah was feeling worse the 4 day n after .so went n got the test .
Kik died when the blu kik made it untrustworthy
AshTheMagicDrago  30 F
no chatting is incredibly dangerous. not for the faint of heart.
sillybilly8585  62
U feel like u got something rg ?
Then ppl who work have the honor to pay his medical bills smhl
Kiks dead and you know it
sillybilly8585  62
Why thank ya been feelin good
Dracula_1669  100 M
I went n did the covid test .waiting on results
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