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CuRv3y-GOoDn3zZ  96 F
Punky Arlene debunked that lie herself lol
So is your cooter
How many times can you say you aren’t texting someone?!🤣
Jeddy_eye2  55 M
Nobility is dead just f'er right in the pooh say
recluta-punkz  31 M
gunns used to text a17 years old named arlene saying he wanted to marry her
Mentalisttx  42 F
Ya jar nd tray, are priceless.. lol Bollox!
nobody likes either of you anyway
And you thickheaded. I’m not texting him. So go
CuRv3y-GOoDn3zZ  96 F
I don't want get u suicidal amoree I said what I had to say maturely
nina just admit you're tommy
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