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AngelaStoney  47 F
Angelo is mad at me cus I chat with Kristin and laugh at his misery
Closet. I was like wtf.. then a heard a bang in the closet. Looked in
Lil_Rebel_Darlin  47 F
Gdm y'all
Lil rugrat scared me. I'm babysitting an she goes in her room hides in cl
Ic quit lumping ppl together and smile ffs it sends endorphins to ur brain
AngelaStoney  47 F
Lmao 🤣 Angelo is so miserable over a chat chick rejections
Chazy240  101 M
Yawl just some sorry phuqing ppl 🤷‍♂️ everyone of u nasty bichs
Ethan_________c  39 M
I love youuu . I love youuuu
I do have a bad attitude towards bitter lazy ppl 🤷‍♂️yawl earn it so deserve
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