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arrestedtherapy  46 M
All talk no action
Yeah that's what my new bea Jessica told me
CuRv3yTHrOwBaCkS  98 F
Punky luv me tho so he stick with me too
Hukdy8800  23
Till this date I'm waiting for the ppl that want to kill me lol
Marinela-punk  33 M
nah i don't rg us the Hispanic mfs we stick together
IrritatingTGUNN  100 M
But where did I say I've been huk? You left that out
CuRv3yTHrOwBaCkS  98 F
Me to gem
Hukdy8800  23
I don't have nothing to bet with u bum
nids_  42 
Id love to meet u with nina punkerz lol
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