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d0pest_gordiita  38 F
Thinking of doing blue and magenta hair this weekend.
craziiGUL  33 F
we drinking 2nite
H3artl3zzB3auty  42 F
Yes ma'am
sallys718  103 F
I'm on Amazon music
native_instinct  26 M
Y cnt u move cremee
LifeOfAStranger  30 M
How can you be a white knight for 10 years in a chat and never get a pc pics from the bitches u claim u saved
craziiGUL  33 F
I know that's right. how it's suppose to be
H3artl3zzB3auty  42 F
Plus I had some wine last night ctfu
whiteboy-dude  36 M
Dudes that log in w sometype attitude. Foh
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