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Lightskinbbw  32 F
I dont got s to do with u n wavey wavey is not my negga
catfishzay3  74
I never came to post to yall who i was
EricfromSUS  34
oh she sleep on the flo flo
Queencap3  101 F
Nobody chose u junkie u got left for suga
catfishzay3  74
Airg 4 zay was putsee money and love
Bh u ugly asf & U so old bh u look like a Groot chia pet groot face z
kingdawgjr63  54 M
capsized gotta knock on her dawta door to use the bathroom, u in the way bih getcho asst owt that gurls apartment smh
Queencap3  101 F
Chi y she don't feel that hardwood on her spine she be high asf
catfishzay3  74
Never was
Tony_workd  97 F
<< I would chase after me too tho , hahahahah TRUMP hates YALL BYE
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