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Condo_apartment  100 F
Its hard for a female to dave her pcc ...the fact that i done it is value's
thereturnofdark  42 F
He don't want to jail but he in TX btfol dumb ax old man
ViNtaG3-CuRv3sS  99 F
No go kick a grenade
ViNtaG3-CuRv3sS  99 F
Sally not helping u Noone is we all know u a mf liar
King_Tay  35
Fraternal tho... Thank God😌😫🙄
Londonxminx  36 F
Tay u being mean to me today lol 😂
ViNtaG3-CuRv3sS  99 F
He so aggy lol
Redbull001  26 M
oh that's a man
sally, take care of rella for Me, I don't wanna go 2 jail 2nite ok
Londonxminx  36 F
I can’t do them at all plus hair so long
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