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Diva-Status  45 F
We need rain...Heat index 101 here
Lukewarmclutter  29
Kinda like the unarmed therapist in FL who was shot while on the ground, with his hands up.
Dude got pepper spray taser idk what else .. but shoot the dude smh
open_your_mouth  37 M
So yall think that copz are just after blk folkz
That's true diva he should had let go though!
I_HIT_IT_G00D  98 M
its raining like a mf over here
open_your_mouth  37 M
Snowflakeryder  27
im on the plantion ,yeerhp yes fininshin off my daily chores
fishbate0  24 M
Diva-Status  45 F
They are all murderers
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