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Elle_Michelle  98 F
Ain't no real man thinking bout others smet juz pure sissy aight heath
The_Wave718  32 M
Nah da gay mf is u chasin reeko nd zay
Wilder gone bully updon dusted lmao
Wavey gai sucked you off ay! That’s why he bothering you, he wants round 2
GaiZay  33 M
u got yur dķ sok by dawg at the train station dnt lie boy
she swings on more than one pole for the $$$$$$
The_Wave718  32 M
Yo fat gay as look like mrs doutfire
GaiZay  33 M
wavey just admit u gae bruh lamo
The_Wave718  32 M
Heath yo cracchead momma sucked my dicc at the train station
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