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Adiktiv3  43 M
White ppl dont know how to control they kids.. They stay up all nite
she2raw  F
Amazed why you sharing that type of stuff with the room like wdh😭
Sevcere  92 M
I gotta get me sum new txtversationalists
Chazy_23  39 M
Yessir Adik good to hear mane! Stay Blessed 💯👊🏽
amazed1  44 F
My dittiies started to sagg this year and they looked like Amber Roses
ElephantTaxi  98 M
Girl I'm bout to call yo phone and sing 😅
You are sweet as honey
amazed1  44 F
its crazy how my ****s started to sagg this year
Sevcere  92 M
Tht Nighttrain lol
Tired son was up all night
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