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real187og  42 M
and ya 5th busted was hammered 20yrz bk fights 4 dudes
chazybaby  38 M
Combat shoes for paintball
Bolda_The_Wise  36
Woodjablomi  43
HOSEA1111  19 M
I dnt no yall 4 a personal dislike
Bolda_The_Wise  36
Ultra still mad at me cause Nya said I look better him..He wants me dead
The oil BP ant clean off the seal lion <<<
HOSEA1111  19 M
And my dnt like is i dnt like u to be on u like i want u
real187og  42 M
had fifth best under minr ny buddy was in Vietnam he patched me up 5th jd
pipezillalouie  37
<<<look at the fake jordans
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