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CuRveY-CuTiEpiE  98 F
Thad thing needs it phone bill paid the end of the month lol
Makka01  99 M
It's given to me I'm the boss big
RealGuiltyKlown  14
exits and sleepy then post in a minute JieRaiyah boy...
No_1YouKnow  100 F
That's something we can't change. Shud be happy you've your bro I lost mine
RealGuiltyKlown  14
Ask husband now JieRaiyah boy...
Bye exits元元元元元
RealGuiltyKlown  14
JieRaiyah boy load please...
CaLi_LoVe562  33 F
Tina the real Goddess coz she has natural beauty no make up no filters
No_1YouKnow  100 F
Family is for life Biggy
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