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2 sit on Here hrs daily = disability or obese
Roww70  51 M
Lol @ MUTTLY, all the Texas women trying to come to NYC
homosexuals... continue obsessing, I'm watching ok
aztecmarine  47 M
I video chatted with her, she is hot
no, DAWG playn his poker not worryn bout u obsessed
Roww70  51 M
Lol oh ok
Whoever n that dawg pro is a disgrace to whatever race he or she is
aztecmarine  47 M
Actually she is a yoga instructor, I only talked to her once on the phone,
ultra dawg mad he got caught saying he ah fxg ah trannn before ah woman
Roww70  51 M
Bruh. She mus shuck a good D, because u are still looking for her 🤣😅🤣
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