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IntoTheUnknown  16 F
Dat old lady head all fug up look at d perm n bangs
Heath64  33 M
conan.coz we cybor smash
Zezima  42 M
<--- who would take a pic with their aunt on their shoulder
Kimjongpocket  38 M
Mona I'm not married and I don't cheat.
Heath64  33 M
mona tell.dem about the white mandingo
Aunt cheekbones n 4 head n eye brows d sane as his
jrdaboss81  33 M
Rob was talking all shid about I'm in clones with mona
Rats goofs stalkers ŵho needs u them. Been fine without u them
Kimjongpocket  38 M
Did you watch how to be a woman from a man? No you watched women
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