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milli101  104 F
FLIRTii1__  66
Also I do hair and it catches on them
minxonaban  39
I wish I could have my nails done but can’t cause of work
Blac_ScroLLz  92
Did you try that mood polish yet? @ Seka... Changes colors
yeah bubs but my data expires later I'll find a way I'll make a new fb profile..
ThottiePippen2  27 F
FLIRTii1__  66
They are lovely bt they leave an ugly gap if they fall out
Blac_ScroLLz  92
I went to the shop a week later just for them to take it off lol
Blac_ScroLLz  92
I got the gems done once in December I was so uncomfortable straight weirdo
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