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fishbate0  24 M
daria a lot of fire over there lol🐟
Chele0982  47 F
Lol Chris
He means second one to break someone PC . lol
ChrisDaDon  89 M
gotta unpack all ths summer sh i took to fla lol
Daria-sara  23 F
I grownup in Australia
FLIRTii1__  66
Hi fish
I've noticed in my lifetime, when weak minded ppl fail in life, they USUALLY tend to blame wite folks, black folks or Jewish folks, it's 2020 & ppl STILL CAN'T except self-responsibility!!!
FLIRTii1__  66
Happy Sunday
fishbate0  24 M
seka hey there
Chele0982  47 F
Hey Prock
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