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Diva-bannedagain  99 F
Who he was sending nakey pics to @ adik
kingdawgjr10  54 M
dude ur 40 not 21 quit acting like 53 so much older ok
nAe4eVeR  53 F
rodney is that true???
Mr_Gotham_City  42 M
Goodoleusa  52 M
If not fug ya then
TinkaBelleBelle  33 F
By the border of norco and riverside actually
milli101  104 F
oh wow tink i lived in the ie area 26 yrs
Goodoleusa  52 M
Hey I'm not gay you freak I just asked you if you would
Adiktiv3  40 M
He was sending naked pic she called him dirty old man
Diva-bannedagain  99 F
Exactly adik...he just hangs around on airg all day from sun up smh
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