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Diva-Status  45 F
He's happy a dude want to stick the tip in him
effoff picless diva, he more ur type, that's all u Gon get is these picless bugs in here who obsessed with me more then all the females here smh
x-ikandii_Heart-  26 F
Hello Zas
return_of_da_mac  48 M
Gordita this Goldie_da_mac
mixedf  42 F
Zastin  28 M
Waits for kandii
d0pest_gordiita  37 F
Lmao. That is what a lot of people remember me as. Lmao.
effoff1  33
Is that shop or u look that gd
Diva-Status  45 F
Thanks effoff
x-ikandii_Heart-  26 F
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