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If Iran gets 7 Nukes by the end of March. WE in a Whle New World! GO MAGA
SIN_is-BACK  54 M
Cubs they should be called teddybears πŸ˜†
TOO BIG to RIG. Go MAGA ooh Rah Semper Fi Do or DIE.
Legenwait4itDary  40
Lol don’t be hating on my cubs
Marcuuhz  37
KingCam777  32
Wait to it happens to you
Macbook  40
KingCam777  32
I didn’t mean to sit down n pee i was taking a dump n it just came out lol
SIN_is-BACK  54 M
Cubs? who's dAt a new teamπŸ˜†
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