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Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
Marie_Laveau_77  29 F
Lmao homie i can dig it you don't have to explain to me
Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
@ typing bout yoself
Mexi, you post to me “poke you mad because he posting about you”
mexi190  44 F
Right holmes...i aint a bull for nothng..taurus baah beeeh
Kimjongultra  43
Lmao offensive lineman lol block for Barry Sanders
St210st  41 F
how you know so much on how a fat az wipe her az that's crazy lol
mexi190  44 F
Ppl laugh at wats said bout me...i dont attack them
Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
Look they use this ta try ta fit in society but this aint society
Marie_Laveau_77  29 F
Me too sh.. I control what come through my phone and pay my own bills
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