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Pocahontas-_-  27 F
It’s about time they stop criminalising everyday law abiding citizens
Bigmusty  46 M
Look at all them athletes that die at 50 great diets
Queencap5  46 F
Sh idk bout all that 3 stroke bs
Pocahontas-_-  27 F
There’s a recreational reform happening this year
Kimjongpocket  38 M
Ima die young tho cause I eat asz
Depends on what diet your body is used to..
ms_lady619  30 F
Oudit I meant! Lol.. sorry
Bolda_The_Wise  37
I don't give the uneducated and retards any credit
Bigmusty  46 M
I ont eat pork no seafood but fish high blood
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