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MightyMidget  33 F
real women don't want you slim cry harder
Reality u let zay celljag a chic from Michigan you was chasing
SeveN_StarS  104 F
Smfh u not gonna leqve me alone on here huh dylsn
mexi190  44 F
Stop pumpin yoself up...lmao
Reality2019  59 M
Facts on Facts ..she mad I curved her as
Real WOMEN don't play games...FACTS
Reality2019  59 M
Then she had sum nqqa call my fone ova Kik
Marie_Laveau_77  29 F
I got every last one on lock
mexi190  44 F
If i wanted you y did i say dont text me
Reality2019  59 M
Den she send me a pic of a booty bandit dat did ten yrs
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