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castle97  20 M
ppl watch Alex lose
ShjfT_Faced  98 M
Far cup mang
castle97  20 M
Alex ye got ran off here I remember ye got mad cuz ppl laughed at ye talking about how ye get paid to play video games
xShaka  31 M
XDitsalexDx  25
Im surprised you still alive little nikka
chazybaby  39 M
What’s George Jefferson’s sons name ! Lionel
XDitsalexDx  25
Nikka didnt your tower caught on fire why you here
Mizz_Creemee  36 F
Sev u gotta watch everything 1 time. Like Sheena
chazybaby  39 M
Girl how could we get that way?
XDitsalexDx  25
There goes my fan i was waiting for some idiot to say something
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