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Atwizz  101 M
😭😭😭😭minxy silly af
amazed1  46 F
I was getting tickets like up to wazoo and paying mad money for tickets
Joshuwa_  37 M
When you curse someone with magic you get it back double
amazed1  46 F
At some point I wasn't even driving for years I didn't even have a car
amazed1  46 F
They've gone in my bank account suspended my license without ticketing
NJ_Chronic  M
U ain't worth an argument wavey.all ur pic barely visible n 🀏🏼
ImyourTai  24 M
πŸ‘ˆπŸ€‘ he gots ur noods minx
Thexminx  43 F
I bet u put peanut butter over ur sack for ur mums pug to lick off
amazed1  46 F
I suspect it has something to do with my ex-husbands you know and him
amazed1  46 F
For my water someone was inside of the banks causing issues
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