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ViNTaGE-CuRvEsS  97 F
I'm just laughing at u cause u not gonna use me in ur beef with creme
Twizzblkcpt  99 M
😅😅 country it gets old
Thexminx  41 F
Sally can do the cooking for you twon
Double_Ohh_  99 M
Ok 4 the moment,prob not so next week tho...
Partners-N-Crime  40 F
Im coming over Yari. Ya met?
BxPrBaby  32 F
ThottiePippen3  30 F
Sautéed or fried? 😭
Lol Bxprbaby
Partners-N-Crime  40 F
I had what ya all desired. And i didnt even keep him
Missnique1000  41 F
Stop lying twon
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