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Mike-198  90 M
Well I think I'm going to watch matrix Resurrection
RedbuIl001  27 M
diego go away
I wasn't meant to be married when I was Younger but now I LOVE IT.
Oudit  49 M
Sick Girldits divorce BoysDogsCats cigarettes and weapons
Mike-198  90 M
I think you're that boy bolda I've been here long enough to remember that
Mike-198  90 M
The the fakeness is real
RedbuIl001  27 M
Rai thats hulk aka diego he likes d
Me NOW, 3 marriages & all da babies I can handle amen.
emo_kill  34 F
Yeah bro am imagining how joyful it is seeing them growing up so cuties
when I was 18 I said I'd NEVER Marry & DIDN'T want ANY Kidz, well look at
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