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Knlmom4  36 F
**drinks peach green tea**
amazed1  44 F
I take my kids out want to go to a restaurant
amazed1  44 F
When i have a car or don't or when i have free time i
Mr-Gotham-City  45 M
Lol ok
amazed1  44 F
You want to go to the beach we can take the bus
amazed1  44 F
I ask my kids you wanna go yo the board walk
amazed1  44 F
I ask my kifs you wanna go yo the board walk
Sevcere  92 M does she know 2do this
amazed1  44 F
and still don't take their kids out to the park the beach or anything
amazed1  44 F
I hate that sh people be home all day with a car
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