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King_Tay  34
yea mafi that's what I just got from the Jamaican spot
Nique cut the shdd n call me
she get on my dmn nerves...i have no shirt on,its all hanging out
FLIRTii1__  68
I’ve got to go thru my shoes before the tree they’re n the tree spot
sheistmafia  34 F
gdm banks
Can't fry it too long season it good
No_1YouKnow  100 F
Droany ya still in here 🤷
King_Tay  34
I'll eat almost anything tho 🤷🏽‍♂️
ElDonChulo  41 M
Sofa_king_fresh  42 M
Winter clothes on one side summer on the other active wear in the middle
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