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Mz_idgaf-  40 F
I don’t request people 😌
Gangsta_Rap  100 M
They already don't have any hair to cut 🤚
AllTheConfusion  39
Who @ Wu
CUrVey-CoNtOuRz  100 F
Is that 67 on stick shift?
StiCk-_ShiFt  M
Lykz Big BøõtyBECKYS OnlY 🙋🏼‍♂️
Double_Ohh_  100 M
Wooo tht head realllly gon' look big thn 😆<pause,No Diddy>
If he not taking to me giving me hearts WHY GIVE A STRAGER
StiCk-_ShiFt  M
Oh n hopefully u didn't request me
Mz_idgaf-  40 F
I’m not cutting my hair I can’t do it
CUrVey-CoNtOuRz  100 F
No that's to short acg boo
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