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Wavy a punk the police had him wit his hands behind his back cryin like aBH
ImYourRai  16 M
Wavey need help 😭
Thottiepippen5  31 F
Bx lol nah i was up all last night with my damn friend so i was too tired t
Queencap9  47
Ctfu rai n the gimp getting wet off wave d 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yuh_EnVyBx  34 F
Rai you would know huh 😂
ImYourRai  16 M
Black men d r drty 😭
he gon call a MAN to come ONLINE to roast anoda MAN. smh wavie
King_Tay-Challa  36
I know Jesus ain't n here they need to make room called holy tabernacle 🤣
Mississippi_-  102 F
ImYourRai  16 M
Eww u saw Wavey's d🤢
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