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Schase  26 M
Taco hold up. Didnt u say she was married to a midget man???
Marcuuhz  38
Say it loud…I’m black and I’m proud 🤪
Sev_Von_Doom  101 M
She act'n like dude on 5Heartbeats.."I Gotta Fight Ev Nite 2 Prove My Love!
Schase  26 M
Baby Bena shut yo ayz up.
tacocat--o_0  34 F
Y'all ⚫ creatures still fantasizing about f'n that lesbian? Seek help.
Vo0do0doll  38 F
That wont do i want 🍫🍫🍫
RedbuIl001  27 M
schase as long as it ain't black
Marcuuhz  38
lol crow here’s some 🥖 keep quiet
Schase  26 M
Taco u gonna go find a white or Latin BF now?
BuDz_  47 M
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