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DenverLights-2  49 F
You told me off line it was you and very recent got upset bc I made
Dracula_1269  99 M
to myself ? Gunn u sent Nina a screenshot lol .
Jeddy_Eye  99 M
No I'm not I dont get ppl I'm to far out in rural area @ shannon
The1nfamousTGUNN  M
He'll throw anyone under the bus as I always say
Mentalistxx  42 F
All the candy.. 🍬🍭🍡🍦 lol
Popcorn  43 M
There a few man cards that need to be turned in 💯
Goodoleusa  54 M
Me beardless...looks pretty gooddont it
Like I've stated I've got no clones . And have told Bonnie nothing of sorts
The1nfamousTGUNN  M
See? Rg can't keep anything to himself
Greater_Gator  53 M
Ah OK. I love college football. And yeah Athens is a fun town
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