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IrritatingTGUNN  100 M
I'm done Ana. I proved my case
BadBadNM  40
he is trying so hard Ana lmao
Ethan_____xx  26
Hi 👋
Portagoosey  39
This is ridiculous
CuRveY-CuTiEpiE  98 F
Music puts me in a good place especially with this covid
HandsomeMan_  41 M
n what's her age ana lol
Lmao rg
IrritatingTGUNN  100 M
And it's Lester holt which you didn't type because you don't watch it
Portagoosey  39
Anchor? I'm talking about news articles not tv anchors. Lol
arrowheadpride85  35 M
Jane Says.”I’m done with Sergio He treats me like a ragdoll”
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