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She’s lovely ISNT she Dumpz πŸ₯°
womenrbosses  31 M
Whats goin on
byronpt2  62
Lol I got Lexi on my Kik too dimpz. She's good ppl
She has an excuse Byron she really is mentally ill lol she admits it
Ma0talian_D1mpz  44 F
She said you were begging for her kik 🀣🀣
AngelOutLaw  101 F
Interesting... no answer
I thought Egypt was being good recently lol
captainANDREW  42 M
If U guessed taking a dump,you'd be absolutely correct
Ma0talian_D1mpz  44 F
We chat offline fanny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
byronpt2  62
Egypt is funny too. She gets right tf wound up
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