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Greater_Gator  52 M
I blocked myself on kik.. I know that I can't be trusted
ToughShit. I'm the first one she adds every new account she makes.
Ink_64  40
piggy from the Muppets?
Lucian  45 M
Lol. There was plenty about Jimmy Saville, knobs, pehdos etc
Ink_64  40
we need to find a character for dan
Craigs obviously upset he can't find sookue on kik
XXcraig74XX  47 M
He creeps alot of females Tommy lol
Our chromosomes have all these changes at the same time
ForbindligRickey  47 M
Ffs law calls u a pos liar Gunn .ur beloved friend
A will find the chants.. 😉
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