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Schase  26 M
Nikka said Jakes is a power bottom. Boy running competition with Redbull
Sev_Von_Doom  101 M
Dr Umar said Puff & TD Jakes gon' open & new church & all will b 4gvn lol
Sev_Von_Doom  101 M
I'm cool Trip,'preciate u 4 ask'n mane
FlightRisk22  100 M
That chomo banning 😅😅
RedbuIl001  27 M
is Diddy hour smh bbl
Schase  26 M
Mean Gene said Puff gonna off himself
Schase  26 M
Why I get banned???
Sev_Von_Doom  101 M
Charleston White said he 4gv Puff 4 beat'n Cassie asz 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol
Triple_ohh  75 M
Sev ✊🏽 yo good
DAWGJR59  74 M
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