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The Elon Muck Report
supereddie - 2022-12-12
FBI interfered in the election
 66 M
Evaextraordinary - 2023-05-17
3 things that are promised to us. Political criminals, Taxes and DEATH. Hear that muddaeffers? DO U HEAR THAT??? Actually I changed the political part. Can't remember what the 3rd thing was. Definitely taxes and death.
Djack7-18 - 2023-05-17
I see Jacksonville Florida just elected a Democrat for mayor. The Ron DeSantis candidate got whooped, even tho he had 4x the campaign funds.
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
Lying az Republicans
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
Republicans don't do anything but lie to white people
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
That is their only purpose
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
They lie and radicalize white people at a astronomically rate. They just lie and lie and lie and lie and everyone breathing knows it including people that watch
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
Astronomical rate sorry
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
A lying republican said Joe Biden is the most divisive president in American history. That lying anything thinking rotten minded person got slap around by facts
DissinTerry - 2023-05-17
I read that Eddie might be moving up in the world. A new place with not only the proverbial but also an actual roof over his head no less. Congrats Eduardo. Bravo.
PDG-1619 - 2023-05-17
It always triggers me when a person takes reality and turns it into a right wing lie.

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