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Well Hello
Missy_Lynn75 - 2023-11-06
Puff Puff
 49 F
N/A - 2024-05-06
Jill!!! This is EXCELLENT NEWS ❤️❤️❤️
N/A - 2024-05-06
Jill, no,u said sensible truths here. The fighting is out of hand. I'm walking away.
N/A - 2024-05-06
So happy for your husband 💘 and you. You two have a beautiful life.
Cel6 - 2024-05-06
 48 M
ChanelNo_5 - 2024-05-06
Nice to see Jill clarify some information my motives were already explained. It's done and over with now but the fighting will continue. Charlie, Cel, Eva, Dare come in a pack I will not have it.
 44 F
Terry_Wrist - 2024-05-06
That's great to hear Jill, I'm so happy for you and your husband that he's in remission. You take care now and have a good one.
Terry_Wrist - 2024-05-06
Hi everyone.
Terry_Wrist - 2024-05-06
Anyhoo I'm tired, it's time for bed. Goodnight.
N/A - 2024-05-06
Hi,Terry. Sleep well. No, Missy, I won't be in here anymore. I was disappointed when u said I supported Cel. Anyway, it's silly. I'm out.
N/A - 2024-05-06
Charlie and Dare, it seems like Terry has stopped. I'm not telling u guys what to do, but it looks like Terry wants to get along.

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