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GucciTarentino - 2015-08-31
Yes! ! ! In only a few weeks its back live n in da flesh (no pun) haha. So, why not bring the discussion room back in countdown. You can talk past episodes fear of the dead hll anything on ya mind this where its at from now til season ends
 35 M
MsRoyaltie - 2016-12-24
Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year, everyone!
 54 F
GucciTarentino - 2016-12-24
 35 M
Chat_Rat - 2016-12-25
Merry Xmas!
 58 M
Bwholserfer - 2016-12-25
Mmeeeeeery Christmas!!!!
sgrl111 - 2016-12-26
 40 F
GucciTarentino - 2016-12-26
 35 M
linda_d196 - 2016-12-27
i hate the now,why would Glen be out of the caste he doesnt deserve stop watching if anything happens to Rick or Carl
 34 F
GucciTarentino - 2016-12-27
I doubt rick ever leave the show nw karl is not exempt
 35 M
raneyj - 2016-12-27
Hey everybody. Missin yall. Happy new year to ya
 40 F
GucciTarentino - 2016-12-27
Miss ya too raney be safe hope all is well
 35 M

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