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The 2020 election will be
super-eddie - 2019-08-03
your freedom vs socialism
 62 M
Djack7-17 - 2019-11-27
When Trumps done, my education ends and i can go back to ignoring it.
Agrivator10 - 2019-11-27
Then I can see you posting about politics for 5 more years then
 56 M
x_zamez_x - 2019-11-27
First impeachment hearing next Wednesday. Trumps xmas present will be an impeachment.
 45 M
super-eddie - 2019-11-27
looks like Schiff had some dirty dealings in ukraine too. Its no wonder he has to impeach Trump to stop an investigation there. Ukraine was a cash cow for democrats.
 62 M
x_zamez_x - 2019-11-27
I'm really looking forward to the senate trial , it'll be a good laugh to see how the republicans try to get the result they want .
 45 M
davidpeterson1 - 2019-11-27
it couldn't be any worse than what the Democrats did theirs was a total fail
 39 M
Jim_Dandy - 2019-11-27
It should be IQ limit to post in this forum that would relieve all the Trump supporters instantly and they would not be here
WHOxCARES - 2019-11-27
And if there was one for Trump haters none of you’ll be here either, wasichu.
x_zamez_x - 2019-11-27
It will be interesting davie to see how the republicans can get people to testify under oath to refute the testimonies already made. Trump said he'd like McGahn, Bolton and Pompeo to testify but Pompeo when asked about it didn't seem keen at all .
 45 M
MrObama - 2019-11-27
Oh oh Supa, Thumper just threw Rudy under the bus on Bill O'Reilly Show saying He didn't know why Rudy went to ukraine

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