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what was the last movie u seen? was it any good?
Chrinda92212 - 2016-01-05
Star Wars the force awakens. It was good.
 57 F
apilado04 - 2016-01-06
scary movie 5 itz realy funy my frend make pee in her panty coz of that movie
 28 F
rickles65 - 2016-01-06
Pan , with hugh jackman was decent far from his wolverine role but good nonetheless
 54 M
N/A - 2016-01-07
Child 44...tom hardy...bloody awesome.....
Moman - 2016-01-09
The Forest it was weird but had a few scares in it
 107 M
sologuy15 - 2016-01-10
sisters is 4ken hilarious
 36 M
benny42 - 2016-01-10
The Great Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio and Spiderman.
 28 M
amy999107 - 2016-01-11
The last movie i saw, was point break that movies sick i recommend it to all extreme sport and action lovers
 18 F
raneyj - 2016-01-11
Waiting for 50 shades of black. The wayans spoofs are sooo funny
 42 F
Horsegirl - 2016-01-11
Star wars 3D Yes it is good
 15 F

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