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Impeach Joe Biden
super-eddie - 43 minutes ago
instead of you standing up for your freedom you just sit back and think it will be ok.
 64 M
Blabberblabber - 41 minutes ago
America is having an election right now? Is firepooy on something? And what about him being against democracy and being anti-American? he forgets about that so quickly
Djack7-17 - 34 minutes ago
I'm not a big corporation, Eddie. I'm a bricklayer. I have no power to do anything about the government.
Djack7-17 - 33 minutes ago
He'll, I'm not even an airg influencer
Djack7-17 - 33 minutes ago
Hell, I'm not even an airg influencer*
StStalin - 32 minutes ago
davidpeterson3 - 16 minutes ago
yes you are an influencer I know I really understand liberal Democrats where they get their information and how ridiculous they can be LOL
davidpeterson3 - 15 minutes ago
Firepower is Prairie Grass aren't even worth reading they're so stupid this is against Americans and anti-American if your Republican your auntie American what a retard just read that paragraph if you don't see the retardation in it you must think like he
davidpeterson3 - 14 minutes ago
gas prices going up when they normally go down winter fuel is normally cheaper so you're actually paying even more than you think you are China Joe Biden says he has no way of solving the problem
davidpeterson3 - 12 minutes ago
paragraphs not Prairie Grass

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