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Deep State
N/A - 2018-08-17
Real or Fake
N/A - 2018-08-17
Let's discuss
N/A - 2018-08-17
N/A - 2018-08-17
I think there is dark corners of any government
N/A - 2018-08-17
Like when George Bush was president and I think a little with obama to the Pentagon losses hundreds of billions of dollars yeah right
N/A - 2018-08-17
I think the deep state steals our money for who knows what and put their friends into positions of power
DomesReturn - 2018-08-17
 30 F
youreterrybull - 2018-08-17
Deep pan pizza?
 38 M
insightful14u - 2018-08-17
Where's that place.. Big stone owl... Captains of industry, rulers of only?? You mean that deep givrrnment? Bilderburg?
 42 M
supereddie - 2018-08-17
if y'all are to uninformed to know what the deep state is. then do you really think it would do any good for me to tell you.
 62 M
N/A - 2018-08-17
Tell us Eddie

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