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Bearded Woman
ladydamara39 - 5 days ago
By show of responses........Please be honest, and tell the truth of by or why not you would not date and/or marry a bearded woman. Even if she has the most wonderful body, personality, and manners.
 43 F
NEWDREG2019 - 5 days ago
NEWDREG2019 - 5 days ago
make it stop
z1rkus - 5 days ago
NEWDREG2019 - 5 days ago
lol, she'll get you
Lynn_75 - 5 days ago
Someone is mad lol
 44 F
JUST-SATIRE - 5 days ago
 60 M
MHA-666 - 5 days ago
we are a nation consumed by vanity and shallowness that its been ingrained in us since our births. We were taught to instantly shun and ridicule that which isn't considered to be within our parameters of acceptance and normalcy.
 48 M
ladydamara39 - 5 days ago
So...would any male date the woman in the picture?
 43 F
Enegma2nd - 5 days ago
I'm scared.
 24 M
Mamon714 - 5 days ago
I would date

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