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Hypodermic question
Sku-bz - 7 days ago
Do you like needles?.....
jillsong - 7 days ago
Djack7-17 - 7 days ago
Pine needles have a wonderful aroma.
DomesReturn - 7 days ago
I've got 4 tats so yes.
 31 F
Sku-bz - 7 days ago
if you cant snort it,drink it or swallow it, can effn keep it
Windys72 - 7 days ago
Whatcha mean Skubz?
 47 M
Windys72 - 7 days ago
I've donated blood a few times, is that what you mean?
 47 M
Yourterrybull - 7 days ago
Hate em except when I'm at the dentist, then it's load me up Doc.
 48 M
x_zamez_x - 7 days ago
Never used illicit substances that are administered by needle
 44 M
Sku-bz - 7 days ago
i'm a blood donor too.just cos i dont like needles doesnt nean i shirk m
Sku-bz - 7 days ago
*...shirk my duties...i turn my head,pump my fists,let them take my blood&then have tea&biscuits as a recovery system...Brave af

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